This creamy recipe brings me straight back to childhood. It is by far one of my favourite recipe ever that my grand-mother and mom where making. After going vegan 4 years ago I didn’t think I would ever be able to eat it again since it contains dairy products in the original family recipe. I was missing the taste of that creamy spinach recipe and decided to make a vegan version of it. I wanted to keep the same flavours and I can proudly say that I achieved it! Now even my mom likes this version of the recipe. 
If you like a creamy white pasta sauce and you like the taste of spinach you will without any doubt love this recipe. It is easy and quick enough to make for dinner during a busy week day and will for sure satisfy that pasta craving. Have it with a glass of cold vegan white wine and you will have an amazing dinner that is fancy enough for an at home date night. 
In this recipe I am using Silk, Daiya and earth island (follow your heart in USA). I find that these product combine gives the best result for this recipe but feel free to use other brands you love for vegan cheese and milk. 
* If you make it I would love to see your work! Just tag me (@the.healthystove) on your recreation pictures on instagram and I would be happy to share your work on my stories. 

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