This recipe can either be a nice brunch staple or a quick week breakfast on the go if you meal prep them ahead of time. The batter is not too sweet and has a nice almond flavour that makes it perfect to pair with your favourite jam without an overpowering sweet taste in your mouth. When I make these for brunch I top them with vegan vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and some crushed almonds. It is super decadent and makes me remember the brunch you get at the restaurant. When I meal prep them I top them with my favourite jam after reheating them in the toaster before I head out of the door to start my day. 
Either way these waffles will for sure become a staple in your home if you like everything that has an almond flavour to it. The dough is also really fluffy in the inside and crispy in the outside.  
* If you make it I would love to see your work! Just tag me (@the.healthystove) on your recreation pictures on instagram and I would be happy to share your work on my stories. 

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