This marzipan brings me back to my childhood with those warm french bakery almond croissant. I like to use it to make all kind of desserts ass well but I think my all time favourite way to enjoy it is in an almond croissant on a Sunday morning.  
Buying it already made is for sure quicker but the flavour from a fresh homemade one is so delicious that you won’t mind the extra time it takes you to make it from scratch. The longest part to be honest is to peel the almond. So turn on your favourite tv show and peel them at the same time you won’t even realize it and they’ll be all peeled! The rest is a piece of cake since your blender is going to do the job for you. 
To use this marzipan in homemade croissant you can find my croissant recipe in the breakfast section of the website
* If you make it I would love to see your work! Just tag me (@the.healthystove) on your recreation pictures on instagram and I would be happy to share your work on my stories

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